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Constitution of Ardara Hillwalking Club

Name: The club shall be known as Ardara Hillwalking Club.

Main Objective: The club aims to support and promote hillwalking for our members in any location covered by our insurance. The club shall indemnify its walk leaders against liability in the event of any accident, loss or mishap sustained by any club member.

Membership: Family or single membership will be available on an annual basis. Family consists of those living together in a family home. Single is any person over the age of eighteen years not covered by family membership condition. The parent or guardian will be responsible for safety of their own children when partaking in a guided walk.
All farmers whose lands are used during the course of guided walks will automatically become members of the club and in doing so will be indemnified from any claim of loss or injury to any other club member.
The club welcomes membership from all individuals with no demarcation on religious beliefs, colour or political allegiance.
A person shall become a member of the club on payment of the appropriate fee as agreed at the AGM. The committee holds the right to terminate a membership if such a memberís acts or omission is deemed to bring the club into disrepute. A membership register will be kept by the club secretary and updated on a regular basis.

Meetings: There will normally be two meetings per year to arrange a calendar of walks and an annual general meeting. Further meetings may be held as necessary.
The Annual General Meeting will usually be held early in November but must be held before the end of the calendar year.
Extraordinary General Meeting may be called by two thirds majority of the committee and will be held at short notice and only when and if it is deemed necessary to do so.
The Committee will act in the complete running of the club, namely organising walks, organising insurance, dealing with membership, controlling finances and addressing the various issues that arise throughout the year.

Minutes Recorded: Minutes of all meetings will be recorded by club secretary or assistant secretary.

Committee Members: There will be a minimum of seven members, (three officers and four members) elected on the committee at the AGM. New committee members may be co-opted at any time as deemed necessary. Only fully paid up members can serve on the committee.

Term of Office: Term of office will be for one calendar year at a time. Committee members may serve as many terms as they so wish.

Proposal of Motions and items for Agenda: All proposal of motions and items for inclusion on agenda must be submitted in writing, signed and sent to the secretary at least two weeks prior to the date of the AGM. Motions will be addressed at the meeting in an orderly and fair fashion andresult recorded in the minutes.

Quorum: For a meeting to proceed there must be a quorum of at least 50% of committee members (including at least one officer.)

Voting at Annual General Meeting: Voting by show of hands. Only fully paid up members for that year who are present at the meeting will be eligible to vote.

Notice of meeting: All club members will be notified of date, venue and start time of Annual General Meeting by text, by notice on club website and on walk calendar.

Business at Annual General Meeting: Minutes of last A.G.M.; Matters arising from above minutes; Chairmanís Address; Presidentís Address; Secretary Report; Treasurerís Report; Election of officers; Motions; A.O.B.

Remuneration: Any out of pocket expenses incurred by any club member on behalf of the above club should be reimbursed immediately on receipt of proof of expense incurred.

Communication: Only nominated person/s to communicate and make representation with media, or other clubs or organisations etc.

Bank Account: Banking will be done locally. Any of the nominated committee members will be capable of lodging money and two of the three officers (chairperson, secretary, treasurer) will be able to withdraw cash from account or sign cheques.

Keeping Accounts:
Accounts will be managed by the club treasurer and a financial report will be presented at each Annual General Meeting.

Winding Down Arrangements: If and when this club fails to be a viable operation it will wind down in an orderly and agreed fashion. All the monies remaining after outstanding bills and costs have been settled will be handed over to a charity to be decided by the then serving committee.

General Procedures: Club will be run like any other club with a chairman, treasurer, secretary and committee members. Each motion will be discussed and voted on and in the case of a tie the chairman will hold the casting vote. All businesses must pass through a committee meeting before being released for general circulation.

Amendments to the constitution: Amendments to the constitution must be forwarded in writing and signed to the committee secretary at least two weeks prior to the A.G.M. Amendments can only be changed following a full debate on the proposed change. Proposed amendment will have to be passed by a two thirds majority vote taken of the attending members at the Annual General Meeting.

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